Connect Chief

Grow YOUR business

Publish & manage discount coupons and promote customer loyalty for your business in under 30 minutes, ConnectChief is a one-stop fully integrated discounts & loyalty management framework that enables any developer team to be able to create, manage and promote discounts and coupons for their online business or shopping cart platform. Brick and mortar businesses can do the same without any tech integration. Reap all business growth benefits that come from using discounts, referral marketing and various other customer loyalty-growth strategies powered by ConnectChief. Create your discount codes & coupons on our platform, distribute them from your store or website, redeem using our mobile app. We give you all the analytics so your discount strategy can be fine-tuned and improved over time. Become a marketing genius with $0 upfront money spent. You’ve got nothing to lose, just pay us for the business we generate for you.