Lifestyle counseling for a lifetime of good health

HealthOcta was conceived with the goal of bringing innovative technology & the latest healthcare practices together to improve how healthcare providers deliver care and to empower patients with the tools, counseling and required support needed to lead healthier lives. The HealthOcta family includes teams & technology solutions that enable Patient Health monitoring, Telemedicine, Patient counselling services, Medication management, Health insights, contact center services & medical billing services The HealthOcta leadership team consists of Medical doctors & Technologists. This unique combination of perspectives enables us to apply a different lens to the healthcare challenges that are present within the industry. By having deep context & experience in the practice of Medicine, we clearly understand the needs and goals of the healthcare providers & patients. And by having deep strength and decades of expertise in technology we’re able apply ourselves to craft unique processes & cutting technology platforms that address the core needs of not just healthcare providers but also healthier and more positive outcomes for the patients.