Hear what echoes with your community

hearecho is a community engagement platform. Businesses, community organizations and even Governments exist to serve their constituents. During these always-on times, every organization can be moments away from a communication crisis. The best way to ensure that your organization is in the know is to remain connected to your key constituents - these include your employees, business partners, distributors, suppliers, investors and other stakeholders. Successful instutitions have a steady pulse of what is top of mind for investors, employees, customers, distributors, business partners and any other stakeholders they depend on. We built hearecho so you can hear what is echoing with constituents. + Schools, colleges & universities need to hear what echoes with students, parents, teachers and staff + Churches, Temples need to hear what echoes with the congregation. + Homeowner associations, Country clubs & various community organizations need to hear what echoes with their members. + Employers need to knwo what echoes with employees As an individual each of us is a stakeholder in various institutions. You are a student, parent, teacher, staff, member, citizen, employer or employee. hearecho is your platform to have an open conversation with other stakeholders on the things that matter. + Ask questions - questions that echoe with the community get voted up and are addressed by the community leaders + Organize polls - Community leaders & organizers can run polls to gather their communities inputs on key topics + Share what is on your mind - before team meetings, townhalls, earnings calls or other community events. hearecho keeps communities better connected so consitituents and community leaders are on the same page.