The Hiring Co

A better way to market yourself.

The Hiring Co is doing hiring differently. We’re building tools to help candidates and employees manage the journey from hiring to onboarding and going into employee retention. We believe, HIRING, the way it is done today is completely broken. Hiring skilled individuals is already difficult and we expect it to keep getting harder over time. Too much emphasis is given to job postings and applications. To find a better job, work needs to be done on skills development, mapping and planning. Hiring is only one-stop along the career trajectory for today’s knowledge worker. Candidates need tools to manage their skills and career paths. Employees need to know ‘where they stand’ and be able to map map out their journey ‘from where they are to where they want to be’ along on their career journey. They need to be able target companies to work for, preferred locations / cities to work in and strategically land those roles that fit their needs. Employers need to identify what skills they need to be hiring for, where those targeted candidates/individuals might currently be employed and find ways to reach only people that apply to job posts are the ones actively looking for a job. Employers need ways to strategically reach out to those who are good-fits for their needs but may not be currently looking. A bad hire can be very expensive for any organization. The Hiring Co provides tools to manage the hiring process, from planning to screening to interviews and finally onboarding. Retention in many ways is vastly ignored. The Hiring Co is building tools to help employers to measure and map employee skills to opportunities for training & personnel growth. Great companies build amazing teams with amazing employees that they handpick and nurture over time.