The ReadBetter Co


Our ability to read, write and think has differentiated man from animals. We humans have risen from being far lowwer in the food chain 10,000 years ago to now being at the top due to our ability to gain, share and transfer knowledge. The leaders of this world - whether past or present have been avid readers. They've gained widespread knowledge through their reading and overtime built for themselves an edge over others. At The ReadBetter Company we have created a unique technology-driven system that encourages our next generation to read regularly, enables them to discover new books to read and helps them gain the life-long benefits that come from being well-read. If you are an educator or an institution that works with children we wish to partner with you to bring the gift of being well-read to your students. We have a unique incentive program under which our readers can win products and free samples for achieving specific reading goals. Partner with us to learn more or get in touch at [email protected]