The Service Bridge

The Service Bridge is a services marketplace where professionals like you grow your business.

There is no cost to join You expand your reach to clients who are looking for services professionals like you You work as an independent contractor - no strings attached. Set your own billing rates. Work on your own schedule. Set your days and hours of work. We make it easy for you to run your business. We market your services to your target customers through our clients & partners. We help you with tracking your billing, generate invoices and much more. Our clients market directly to consumers and also with other businesses that may need your services TheServiceBridge is a facilitator for your business to grow Our service fees vary based on the type of services being provided by you. We want your business to grow. We collect platform-use fee(s) for services you deliver through the use of our platform. Our platform-use fees & commissions gradually get smaller as the quantum of business that you deliver through the use of our platform grows. Kindly feel free to email us at [email protected].